Psychologies Writing Weekend

I am delighted to announce that I will be joining the talented novelists and tutors Liz Jensen and Romesh Gunesekera at the Bloomsbury Institute next weekend.

This special writing weekend will be hosted by Psychologies Magazine in partnership with Writers and Artists.

Liz, Romesh and I will each hold writing workshops on Saturday April 20th.

”The relationships I forged in a creative writing workshop sustained me for the long haul: the tutor is still my role model; the friends I made are still my most valued critics.”                                             Emma Claire Sweeney

My workshop will focus on the creation of psychologically complex characters.

“Before I discovered how stories are structured, I was writing in the dark. Alone. I went on a course – and I never regretted it. Stimulating ideas, useful new tools, other people -why did I leave it so long?”   Liz Jensen

Liz Jensen’s workshop will focus on story structure.

If only somebody had told me how to begin, I might have avoided ten years of false starts. That’s what a workshop can do: shorten the time it takes to discover what you need to know to write.                               Romesh Gunesekera

Romesh Gunesekera will look at ways to begin.

On Sunday April 21st, participants will find out how to get their books published with thriller writer and entrepreneur Joanna Penn and editor of The Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, Alysoun OwenTo top it off, there’ll be a Q&A session with literary agents Madeleine Milburn and Juliet Pickering followed by an opportunity to meet and chat with the agents over a glass of wine at Bloomsbury Publishing offices.

Bookings can be made by calling 0207 631 5985

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